The world of computers is rapidly turning to Mac:
Omino del Mac is here to help you!

It all started in 2010. Jacopo Secchi is a university student and Apple enthusiast who has decided to develop this initiative more as a pastime than a business.

After working for several years in the computer management sector at Papillon, Modena (Italy), he has completely renewed
the company's approach to personal computers both professionally and for private use. This was also thanks to Papillon's administrator, Brunella Federzoni, who collaborated to improve her venture and has
increasingly become an enthusiast of the Apple world.

Why Omino del Mac?
Omino is the Italian word for little man (Mac Man). It represents a helpmate who carries out various tasks ranging from software maintenance, remote and purchase assistance, programme installation and computer configuration. The objective is to offer the increasing number of Mac users a helping hand to deal with all those little problems they may experience.

"I don't have to change myself to fit the product… It fits me."
(Jony Ive - Senior Vice President Design - Apple)